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Shot Across the Bow

Sometimes what we see in the Bible is not what we experience in everyday life.  Sometimes this is a good thing!  For instance, think about these examples: In Genesis we see that God’s response to the wickedness of the human heart is to flood the Earth and destroy every creature from the face of the […]

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Why Didn’t God Reboot?

I recently upgraded the operating system on my computer. Frustratingly I now have a computer that freezes periodically. The only solution appears to be reaching for the power button for an enforced reboot. God created humanity and soon saw them corrupted by sin. It was not gradual. We read of the fall into sin in […]

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A Time When No Mirror Was Needed

Have you ever stopped to think about the underlying motivations for looking in the mirror everyday? Maybe you haven’t, it’s just a pragmatic moment in the morning to make sure your hair looks right and you don’t have anything stuck in your teeth so you look appropriate for work or whatever. But even as I […]

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Where Should We Start?

Everything starts with God.  But who is he?  What is God like? Dionysius, the self-professed convert of Paul, has helped shape one point of view. The true Dionysius, noted in Acts 17:34, isn’t known to us beyond his cameo Bible reference.  But a much later figure who borrowed the name and identity of Dionysius is […]

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The New Normal

Everyone assumes their perspective is a healthy and balanced one.  If we can see one person off in one direction, and another off in the other, we must be the one holding the privileged position of balance.  But maybe we need to take an often-overlooked factor into account. Ever since Genesis 3, humanity has been pickled in […]

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