All are welcome to Cor Deo events!

Please Note: With the social distancing complexities due to Covid-19, we have no in-person events scheduled at this time.  We do have Cor Deo Online freely available.  As soon as we can schedule an in-person event, we will let you know!

Women’s Intensive: ‘Even More Wonderful’

We held the first ever Cor Deo Women’s Program in February 2016 and have met every year since. A unique opportunity for women from all walks of life to spend a week together (5 days) experiencing the richness of Cor Deo!

We will ponder together how our God, His Word, and the Gospel that He offers are even more wonderful than we often grasp.  Why is our understanding of who our God is so important? What does it mean to live in relationship with Him?  How does our relationship with Him affect our relationships with others, our work, our ministries, and our lives?

We’ll consider these questions, and others, as we meet together for a five-day Cor Deo Intensive designed especially for women.

2021 dates: TBC end of February 2021

For more information please contact us.


When: TBC

A unique ‘taste’ of Cor Deo – two days at the end of a week, with all the features of a normal Intensive, just shorter!

If you are interested in joining us in Chippenham (location to be confirmed) for a Mini-Intensive please contact us.

Preaching Intensive

How should we think about preaching? What does it mean to preach Christ? What is the process for preparing a message?

All those who teach the Bible, (whether in a local church setting, on university campuses, or elsewhere, whether from the pulpit or not), are welcome to join us. As well as studying the Bible together, we’ll explore the preaching process and how to preach Christ in multiple ministry contexts.
When: TBC

One-Week Intensives

Join the mentors for a week-long exposure to Cor Deo training.  Typically starting on Tuesday and ending Friday, we will have four days of intensive study and fellowship together.  This opportunity is ideal for those who would like to get a taste of Cor Deo’s ministry, whatever their context. Together we will enjoy hearing God’s heart in His Word, engaging in enlightening study of church history, considering the applicational aspects of serving others in a relational faith, and thinking about spiritual formation if Christianity is centred on relationship with God.


Intensives are held in Chippenham, or potentially in other locations.  We start each day at 9.30 and end at 4:30.  Local accommodation options can be discussed for those travelling from a distance.


We have room for up to 15 men & women. To register your interest in participating, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

When: TBC

If you are interested in joining us in Chippenham for an Intensive please contact us.

Special Intensive – A Bible Book ‘Feast’

A truly special Intensive happened in March 2019. We offered 4-days together in Chippenham feasting on John’s Gospel. The ‘Feast’ involved reading and studying John’s Gospel in a number of ways. It was a great week!  In early 2020 we met again and studied Hebrews over four days.

Keep an eye out for our next Bible book ‘feast’!

When: TBC

Cor Deo Bitesize

A short seminar-style session, with plenty of discussion and refreshments! Cor Deo Bitesize is free of charge, but there will be an opportunity to contribute to Cor Deo.

So far we have had great discussions on ‘Why are there four Gospels?‘ ‘Prayer‘ and ‘Why do I still struggle with sin?

Focus Seminars

We have sought to offer one or two-day ‘Focus Seminars.’ These are open to all. The seminars are on a variety of subjects, such as history and Bible, with stimulating pre-reading before each seminar.

Recent ‘Focus Seminars:’

Jonathan Edwards
Big Bible Overview

For more information please contact us.


Cor Deo Preaching Seminars

These are one-day seminars for people who preach or are thinking about it. How should we think about preaching? What does it mean to preach Christ? What is the process for preparing a message?