Lockdown Legacy

We really enjoyed our Intensives earlier this year, but then lockdown happened.  We don’t know when it will be possible to meet together in a group again, so we have no plans in place at this time.  Obviously, we will let you know when that changes.  But we are excited about one legacy that will linger with us from this lockdown … our online refreshers.

Later this month we will send an update with a schedule of Cor Deo refresher sessions for July and August.  We hope you will be able to join us, either live, or by watching a recording of a session.  The online gathering recordings will only be available to people on the Cor Deo email update list.  Other shorter videos will be available to all on our YouTube channel.

Two action points to get ready:

1. If you don’t already receive the Cor Deo periodic email, please sign up here to receive your invitation to our online gatherings.

2. Please subscribe to the Cor Deo YouTube channel and hit the notification bell so that you can see all the public videos that are coming in the next weeks.

Thanks so much!

A couple of items already on the YouTube channel that you might like to check out are a playlist of Bible reading highlights through John’s Gospel called Journey Thru John (21 highlights, one per chapter, from Peter), as well as a video Peter made alongside FOCLonline called Seven Suggestions for Enjoying the Bible More Consistently.

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