Update #71 Summer 2019

The Sunniest Day
This is being written a little over halfway through 2019 – aka the summer (or winter, if you’re reading this in the southern hemisphere!)
The changing seasons remind us of God’s goodness; that he is with us, and in control, in all of life. The summer is typically a season of warmth and light, of sunshine and freedom. The gospel gives us these things in abundance! It’s our joy as Cor Deo (and Christians) to share and spread God’s message of hope. It’s a message that warms and transforms our cold hearts, from the inside out. And it is at the centre of everything we do.In this email, you’ll see what we’ve been doing in the last few months, and also we’ll give you some diary dates of upcoming Cor Deo opportunities.

We’re very grateful to God for Cor Deo. It’s a privilege to be supported and prayed for by you – thank you! Please don’t stop!

Since we last wrote, we’ve had a great time in Cor Deo. The Women’s Intensivewas at the end of February. Peter, Mike and Gretchen were joined in Chippenham by four women for five days of sweet Bible study, discussion and application. Each day we walked through some key chapters of John’s Gospel together, and saw how Jesus comes to us in our weakness and mess. The group had many profound and impactful discussions about issues such as forgiveness, union with Christ, and suffering.
God-willing we’ll have another Women’s Intensive in 2020…check out the dates below!We also hosted our first ever John Feast. Four days, enjoying every word of John’s Gospel. It was an international group and we all agreed that being together made our hearts sing! Peter has written about the experience, and you can read it here. Here is a snippet: “We were all blown away by the wonder of the cross and the revelation of God’s heart for us.”

This year’s ELF was excellent. Along with Steve and Fraser (Cor Deo guys from Swindon), Peter and Mike led the ‘Bible Teachers and Preachers Network.’ There are two groups – ‘Foundational’ for first-timers, and ‘Advanced’ for returning participants. You can read about our sessions here and here.
The ELF is a great opportunity for us to invest in and engage with Christian leaders in Europe, and preaching is such a crucial area of transformation for our continent. As the network’s blurb says, “The church is always at its healthiest where there is a passion for the preaching of God’s Word.”
Next year, Peter is the main conference speaker! So please join us as we prepare and pray!

Coming Soon (ish)
Mini Intensive (Guildford)
A unique ‘taste’ of Cor Deo – two days at the end of a week, with all the features of a normal Intensive (John’s Gospel, church history, practical application) just shorter!
— Friday September 27th & Saturday September 28th
— Manor Road Church, Guildford
Mini Intensive (Chippenham)
Same format as the one in Guildford.
— Thursday November 14th & Friday November 15th
 Location tbc

Preacher’s Intensive

We haven’t hosted one of these in ages! So back by popular demand, we will have a 4 day Intensive especially for Bible teachers and preachers. As well as studying the Bible together, we’ll explore the preaching process and how to preach Christ.
— Tuesday January 14th – Friday January 17th 2020
 Location tbc
Womens Intensive
Another great opportunity for women to study, explore, and enjoy God for five days! It will be tremendous, so come if you can. And invite someone…!
— Monday February 24th – Friday February 28th 2020
 Location tbc
If you want to register your interest in coming to any of these opportunities, please email us.
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