How you and your Church can partner with Cor Deo…

Partner as a friend of Cor Deo

Partner in prayer support – Cor Deo is essentially a ministry team, which means we lean fully on God as we serve Him. Having prayer partners standing with us is absolutely vital. Our email updates go out monthly. To receive updates, please contact us and request “prayer updates”.

Partner in financial support – We deeply appreciate donations to help with the costs of the training programme and the ministry of Cor Deo.  (See note below if you are in the USA for tax deductible giving options.)

Note: If you are in the USA – If you are looking to donate and receive a tax-deductible receipt, there are two options: please click here for where to send a check, or click here to give online in the USA via paypal (via CMML – Cor Deo will be evident once you click the “Add to Donations” button.  Sometimes you have to select from missionaries under “C” … as long as the amount you choose is next to Cor Deo, all is well.)

To give by Credit or Debit Card – We are able to receive one-time and recurring gifts by credit or debit cards.  To give online, please click the button and follow instructions.  This should work from any country.


To give by Paypal – We are able to receive gifts via paypal.  This system works through CMML in the USA, and is for donors living in the USA.  Once you click the “Add to Donations” button, you will see Cor Deo specified on the next page.  If not, you may need to select Cor Deo from the list of missionaries under “C” . . . as long as the amount you choose is next to Cor Deo on the screen, all is well.  If you are getting close to year end and need to give now, please just give to CMML without it specifying Cor Deo and then email me with the amount and date you gave and I will make sure it is applied to our account.


To give by Cheque / Direct Debit – In order to make the most of the UK Gift Aid scheme, giving to Cor Deo is handled by Stewardship Services.  Click the button to download the simple form.




If you would like to know more about specific needs for which Cor Deo is seeking funding, please contact us.

Partner Churches

If you are on leadership at a local church that would like to partner with Cor Deo, please get in touch. A partner church may commit to supporting the ministry of Cor Deo through prayer and/or finance, through promoting Cor Deo to potential participants, or by offering an internship opportunity to someone coming out of the Cor Deo programme. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.