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The best place to find fresh resources from Cor Deo is the Cor Deo YouTube channel.  Please click here to go there and subscribe, like, get notifications, share, etc.  Thank you for helping to spread the word about this growing bank of resources.

Here is an example of a teaching video introducing John’s Gospel using three testimonies from the book:

Here is another example of what you will find there, Peter’s Journey Thru John (21 highlights from 21 chapters of John)

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There are lots of books we regularly recommend reading, of all types. You can buy many of them from 10ofThose – click on the image below to find out more. A small amount of any purchase using this link comes to Cor Deo.



Cor Deo Audio Resources

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Peter Mead – The Four Big Questions

Delighted by God 2012 (London & Bristol)

** Ron, Glen and Peter – Panel Discussion (Apologies for lower sound quality) – Click here to listen (and here to download).


Free! Galatians series, 2012


Delighted By God 2011

Peter has allowed us to share his article, first published in the Churchman Journal, “The Embers of Preaching and the Flames of Piety.” (Please note, to update the bio info, Peter has completed his PhD and is now teaching at Oakhill Theological College.)

Other Audio Resources

Cor Deo Written Resources

Peter’s Articles:

Preaching & Heart-Level Hermeneutics

Bible Reading Resource:

Peter used Ron Frost’s brief Bible book introductions from Discover the Power of the Bible as a starting point for the following book descriptions.  These brief introductions may be helpful as we invite you to join us in reading and responding to God’s Word.

Book Introductions: Genesis – Esther

Book Introductions: Job – Malachi

Book Introductions: New Testament


Online Resources

Peter writes regularly for preachers on

Cor Deo speakers are featured on UCCF’s and Union


Cor Deo Speakers

Cor Deo mentors are available for preaching, seminars and special events. Please contact us to for more information.