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Pursuing God’s Heart Yourself – 3 Bible Books

Recently we have been offering some really useful Bible study videos on our YouTube channel.  In each series Peter uses seven key principles to help us dive into a Bible book and make sense of it for ourselves.  In the process, you get a great jump start on studying the book too!  If you aren’t […]

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New Book Launched!

We are excited to announce the release of Peter’s new book, The Little Him Book: Here are a couple of brief endorsements to go with the book launch video above… To buy the book in the UK, go to and in the USA please go to

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Study Titus With Cor Deo Online

Here is a playlist of seven videos we recently released on Cor Deo Online.  Each video presents a short text from Titus with a key principle for handling the Bible well . . . please do take a look and share with others if it is helpful!

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The Pastor’s Job – Jonathan Thomas

Last week we interviewed Jonathan Thomas, pastor of Cornerstone Church, Abergavenny (Wales).  I’m linking to a clip from this interview because I think you will really appreciate what he has to say. Jonathan talks about how easy it is to reduce ministry down to a litmus test for evangelical orthodoxy, but then tells his own […]

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Cor Deo Online Launches!

Welcome to the launch of Cor Deo Online!  Here is a brief video we have made to explain all that is going on with Cor Deo: Please do sign up to receive our newsletters as that will keep you informed about every online event that you can attend or access via the archive. Here is […]

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Lockdown Legacy

We really enjoyed our Intensives earlier this year, but then lockdown happened.  We don’t know when it will be possible to meet together in a group again, so we have no plans in place at this time.  Obviously, we will let you know when that changes.  But we are excited about one legacy that will […]

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Just an Annual Incarnation Celebration?

As we head toward another Advent season it is inevitable that the Incarnation is going to get some airtime in our churches.  Perhaps you will hear sermons on the classic Christmas passages in Matthew 1-2 or Luke 1-2.  Maybe you will hear sermons on John’s prologue, or Isaiah’s Immanuel prophecy, or Galatians 4:4.  Hearing about […]

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Easter Does Not Fade

This post originally appeared on Peter’s preaching blog: Biblical Preaching. It’s a great place to explore and ponder preaching that shares God’s heart. ————————— Easter has come and gone for another year.  But Easter will never fade for God’s people.  Think about the Apostle Peter, for instance.  He was a rugged fisherman called by Jesus […]

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Rebuilding the Bridge to Life

Most of us have seen or used the bridge to life illustration at some point.  Maybe you have even preached your way through it.  On one side there is God and on the other there is humankind, and they are separated by a chasm (sin).  Perhaps God is represented by a throne or a crown. […]

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Fully Known, Fully Loved

Human beings tend to default to a self-at-the-centre mindset in everything.  We even bring this predisposition to our understanding of Christianity and end up with variations on the same theme.  We are the seekers, we find Jesus, we commit to Jesus, we live for Jesus, etc.  If we are not careful we can paint our […]

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