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Thankful for Weakness

It’s nearly impossible to escape humility this time of year. We sing and celebrate Emmanuel, the Creator uniting himself with his creation.   I know there’s no need to elaborate how humble that Christmas event was. Let’s just say he arrived in poverty—socially and financially; not with the drama many of us would have planned. But […]

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Life: It’s Black & White

Life according to Jesus, Paul, and John is black and white.  You either love darkness & hate the light, or you love light & hate the darkness. Where’s the middle ground in all this? Where’s the grey area? Only in our rationalizations that make us believe that “I’m a good person if I do [fill […]

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Friendship with Jesus

What a friend we have in Jesus! John 15:15 is an absolutely astonishing witness to the abundance of God’s goodness, how is it that the One in whom all things hold together wants to be my friend? I’m not just any acquaintance but a friend worthy enough to give his life for mine.   What does […]

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Protecting “God” From Christ

Have you ever heard someone answer a question about Jesus’s nature or his activities by starting with one of these two phrases: “Jesus in his divinity …” or “Jesus in his humanity…”? It may be easy to speak of Jesus this way, but it is unbiblical.  None of the biblical authors speak of Jesus this […]

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stop saying

Can We Stop Saying…?

I learned quickly in seminary that there were two “Sunday School” answers that could be given to almost any question asked in class: “Jesus” or “Context.” Jesus is obvious – he could be the ultimate answer for nearly any question. But it was a shock to me to hear “context, context, context” from every one […]

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Wolfish Sheep

Paul’s heart-wrenching farewell speech to the Ephesian elders (Acts 20) had to have been a life-marking moment never to be forgotten. With tears in their eyes and lumps in their throats, they carefully listened to Paul’s pleas for them to be prepared for fierce wolves that would attempt to ravage their flock. I wonder what […]

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Conditioned God

When I got married I received all kinds of “helpful hints” on how to have a healthy relationship. Clearly some were more helpful than others, but one in particular was more dangerous than anything else—marriage is about “give and take.” We’ve all heard this. Maybe we have come across reasons why it doesn’t work. In […]

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For a moment picture the response of any father who hears a large bang coming from the family room late in the evening. As he rushes toward the room he hears someone tearing down the blinds and the crackling of the broken glass being walked upon. When he enters the room he’s startled to find […]

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Loving God at Christmas

Christmas is just a day away. It’s hard to believe that! Yet it’s impossible to ignore the bright lights and familiar melodies of Christmas that are everywhere. For me this time of year generates mixed feelings. I love the days leading up to Christmas, the anticipation of fun & tasty family traditions and restful moments […]

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Longing for Home

Have you ever felt homesick? You know that feeling that something is missing, as if a part of you is no longer there. With these feelings you may become easily distracted, little things remind of you what or who is missing in your life, you start to think about the next time you’ll get be […]

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