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Can We Stop Saying…?

I learned quickly in seminary that there were two “Sunday School” answers that could be given to almost any question asked in class: “Jesus” or “Context.” Jesus is obvious – he could be the ultimate answer for nearly any question. But it was a shock to me to hear “context, context, context” from every one […]

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Holy and Blameless Before Him

There are lots of debates about how sanctification works. Presumably because the common views don’t work. What are the common views? In simplistic terms there are essentially two: one is that sanctification is by my personal effort, the other is some variation on the notion that it either doesn’t matter or that God will do […]

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A Burdenless Holiness

When I have the opportunity to talk about holiness I find myself using the language of delight, love, joy, and freedom.  Inevitably this will rub someone the wrong way and they will ask a good question, “How can you say we have freedom to live how we want when we are given clear imperatives that […]

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This poem was written by our friend Charlie. He has just completed the 2014 Cor Deo full-time program and was a real blessing! Let us know what you think. ——————————————————– I’ve spent too long having my steps directed By those keen to have God’s character dissected: As if ‘grace’ and ‘holiness’ are opposite poles, The Yin […]

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Amazing Grace

A few weeks ago I had a very encouraging conversation with a thrilled believer. She had read a book about God’s grace and it was a delight to see her so stirred by what she saw there. She described how amazing it is that even though she was so guilty, the judge has paid the […]

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Is Godliness Goodliness?

Sometimes an individual in a church is described as being a very godly individual.  But what does that mean?  This post was sparked by a comment at a recent gathering of Christian leaders where one of the speakers stated that godliness is a “steady growth in reverence for God.” On one level there is a […]

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