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Prove Yourself

One of the hardest things in life is the feeling of having to constantly prove yourself. You can’t ever relax when you have to earn acceptance or pay back loyalty. Husbands and wives, parents and children, best friends, complete strangers – we all know how it feels when relationships become centres of perfection and performance […]

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Update #60 April 2016

Exciting News! As promised, we are pleased to share with you some upcoming opportunities to join us in Chippenham. We’re excited about the coming months and would love to see you! As always though, if you can’t make it to Chippenham we’d love to be invited to wherever you are. So grab your diary… Cor Deo […]

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Update #59 March 2016

Last Month It seems a lot more than a couple of weeks ago that the Cor Deo Women’s Program finished, but the month itself flew by! We all had such a great time together exploring relational faith in everyday life. We started each day in John’s Gospel – we managed to go from beginning to […]

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Update #58 February 2016

Time January has come and nearly gone. 2016 is marching at pace, but we have a God who walks with us. The incarnation that we celebrate at Christmas (and every day!) declares that there is a Saviour who is Christ the Lord. Most of life is uncertain – we make decisions every day with unknown […]

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Update #57 – October 2015

[If you would like to receive our email updates, please fill in the form on the right: Join Our Mailing List] One of our biggest joys in Cor Deo is the international ‘flavour’ of the ministry. We’re excited by the opportunities God is giving us to share the spreading goodness of God’s love in many countries […]

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Update #56 – September 2015

Invitations We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we really value you as a key part of Cor Deo ministry. Without your prayers and support Cor Deo would not exist. Thank you so much! If you want to know more ways that you can support Cor Deo and the Mentors, we’d love to talk with […]

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Update #55 – April 2015

Easter Springs Last week was Week 11 of the Full Time Program. I think we’re all pretty shocked at how fast it’s felt, but we’re also encouraged by our loving God who has blessed us in so many ways. Being a small group of five or six men has its challenges but we’ve appreciated the […]

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Update #54 – March 2015

Update We had a fantastic time with the January intensive group! Studying John’s gospel, history and ministry together was fun and it was exciting to see hearts warmed by Jesus. The 2015 Full Time program is already a third of the way through! We’ve been enjoying the discussions and sharing that being a smaller group […]

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God in Skin

This post was originally written for ‘extratime‘ part of the Evangelical Movement of Wales’ Aberystwyth Conference.  ————————————— “You don’t need to be alone… It’s real love.“ So says John Lewis / Tom Odell / John Lennon! I’m certain that this is the love we all want. The love that we all spend our lives, time and money trying […]

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Update #53 – November 2014

Please Pray… November is upon us and we’d love you to pray for us this week. Today is the start of a new adventure for Cor Deo – the first day of “Cor Deo Plus!” One of our visions for Cor Deo is to help graduates from the full-time programme, plus some who are only able […]

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