Update #62 October 2016

Hi everyone! I hope you are well and enjoying October! I’m writing this in a slight jet-lag fog (Peter and I returned from USA last Tuesday) but we had a great time. Here’s why…


It was one of my favourite weeks of the year. You may have seen some of our food photos on Facebook – deliciousness was certainly a big theme of our time in Oregon! The key component though was the ‘who’ of our meals. It was a privilege to meet Peter and Melanie’s family and friends in Portland, especially during the Intensive at Westside Bible Fellowship, Hillsboro. The group (bottom right photo) was pretty big, but so warm and kind. We really felt like we went on a journey together during the week – our time in Galatians made a significant impact on us and coloured all our conversations. One major topic was the New Covenant, and how God’s promises have been seen and understood in church history. We had some good times with Martin Luther and Jonathan Edwards! There was a mix of old and new believers but all had a heart for God and an appetite for more of Him.
The second weekend we travelled away from Portland, across the mountains, to Sunriver (top left photo). It was a beautiful setting to explore the New Covenant as God’s Masterplan of salvation. Again we were so glad to be with a group that desire to know God.
Peter preached in both churches we visited and I was struck by the relevance of what Cor Deo talks about – the gospel in all its beauty and goodness. It’s a great message from a great God of love.

If all this sounds like something you’d like to experience then we have excellent news! There are currently spaces for our November Intensive, here in Chippenham. We’ll meet Tuesday November 22nd – Friday November 25th and we’ll be journeying through Galatians and seeing how it has impacted church history right up to us today. If you’re interested in coming, or know someone you can invite, let us know in an email. Places will fill up fast so the earlier the better! It’s ideal for first-timers and also those who have been to one or more previous Intensives.
If you can’t be with us in November but want to experience Cor Deo then get in touch – we’d love to come to wherever you are for a day/couple of days/evening. As much as we love Chippenham, we’re pretty flexible!

Last month we revealed that we’re planning on offering a second ever Cor Deo Women’s Program – God willing this will start on Monday February 6th. It will be four days a week for three weeks, in Chippenham. We’ll let you know more details as they’re decided but we’re excited that Gretchen will join us again! If you’re in Europe and are interested in coming then let us know.

Please keep praying for the ministry of Cor Deo. We love taking opportunities to share what we do with others – the relationships we make and have through Cor Deo are such a joy, so we want to thank you for being a blessing to us.
Pray for the launch of Peter’s latest book, ‘Lost in Wonder.’ It should be released in the UK in a few weeks. You can see snippets of it on twitter and Instagram.
Pray for Mike’s involvement with students, and particularly his role on the extratime team in the Aberystwyth Conference each summer. For a great interview with Mike Reeves follow the link and enjoy digging around the site!

God bless you! Hopefully see you soon… maybe in November!


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