Update #59 March 2016

Last Month
It seems a lot more than a couple of weeks ago that the Cor Deo Women’s Program finished, but the month itself flew by! We all had such a great time together exploring relational faith in everyday life. We started each day in John’s Gospel – we managed to go from beginning to end! I loved the group’s questions and desire to see Jesus clearly. We were struck by the Son’s relationship with the Father, and that we are loved “even as” the Father loves the Son! Incredible! Each day too we travelled through church history and examined the ‘three streams’ of how Christians have answered the four big questions (for more on these questions grab a copy of ‘Foundations‘ by Peter Mead!) It’s such an important part of what we offer in Cor Deo. The women also enjoyed opportunities to share with each other the story of their life before and after meeting Jesus. The deep love-connection of the group was evident and saying goodbye was hard! Thank you Alex, Izzy, Hannah, Anna, Heather and Jackie for coming, and thank you Gretchen and Anniina for your mentoring and sharing.
Here are a couple of short reflections the month:

“It’s been such a privilege and blessing to attend the Women’s Program this month.”

“The quantity of material and the quality of the studies brought much needed nourishment and a longing for me to know God more intimately.”

Spring Forward
Please keep praying for Cor Deo, and for Peter, Dave and Mike. As ever we need much wisdom and for our eyes to be on Jesus. In the next few days we hope to have some dates in the diary for Cor Deo events between now and the summer (keep an eye on the website and your inbox!) We’re really excited about the gospel partnerships we have with other ministries and churches in the UK and beyond. The “spreading goodness” of God is fundamental to God’s story of creation and salvation, and it’s a Cor Deo value we hold strongly – we love to share! So we’re grateful to God for our links with, and recent opportunities to serve, UCCFOMthe Salvation ArmyEuropean Leadership ForumUnion10 of ThoseTrinity Chippenhamthe Mark Drama.

For the Mentors,

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