Update #58 February 2016


January has come and nearly gone. 2016 is marching at pace, but we have a God who walks with us. The incarnation that we celebrate at Christmas (and every day!) declares that there is a Saviour who is Christ the Lord. Most of life is uncertain – we make decisions every day with unknown consequences. But we take great comfort in the fact that God is with us, and we are with him! Dave preached in Trinity Chippenham last Sunday and reminded us powerfully that God, by His Spirit, pours out his love into our hearts. He loves us, he is with us, he is for us. And our response is simply to see him and rejoice.


Last week we held our second ‘Level 2’ Intensive, a week for anyone who has ever attended a Cor Deo Intensive. We had a great time as we explored Habakkuk together in the mornings. We were challenged by his (and our) fickleness about evil and celebrated God’s kindness and closeness. We also enjoyed our time in church history investigating how the ‘greats’ of the past talked about God and who he is. Each afternoon we talked together about what this all meant in our life – for example we talked about how to communicate trinitarian affective theology faithfully and warmly.

This weekend Ron is leading a two-day seminar on ‘Faith Ethics’ here in Chippenham. Please pray that it would be a good time exploring what it means to live as a Christian in this world.
I guess the biggest event coming up this month is Ron and the Searights leaving the country. Ron is flying out this weekend and Dave and the family are leaving on the 29th. It’s a sad time – they will be missed like crazy! But please pray that we would look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. As we’ve shared in other months, none of us know exactly what will happen next. So keep praying!

Dave’s PhD has started and we’re excited to be standing with him in that. Peter is heading to Germany this weekend to speak at the OM new recruits Conference. Mike is preaching in Trinity on Sunday. Ron is flying to Nigeria next week. So we’re certainly not slowing down!


We can’t wait for February! The first ever Cor Deo Women’s Program is starting on Tuesday February 2nd. We have 5 women coming to join Gretchen, Anniina and Hannah for the 4 weeks – a great group! Gretchen recently said this: “I’m praying that we will come together with hearts ready to hear what the Lord has for us, even in the midst of the challenges – perhaps even because of the challenges!” That’s a great prayer and we’d love you to pray that with us.
Also in February we’re having a Parenting seminar. It’s Saturday February 13th, 10am – 12pm. For more details visit our website and get in touch.

Thank you

Ron, Dave, Peter and I are so grateful for your support, encouragement and prayers over these years. Please keep praying for us! If you would like more information about what to pray, or how to give, email us and we will be delighted to help.

For the Mentors,

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