Update #57 – October 2015

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One of our biggest joys in Cor Deo is the international ‘flavour’ of the ministry. We’re excited by the opportunities God is giving us to share the spreading goodness of God’s love in many countries – most recently during Ron’s visit to Slovenia! This year alone we’ve had Intensive participants from England, Wales, Ireland, Romania, Czech Republic and USA. Do pray for these participants, that they would continue to love God and others everywhere they go.

One of the realities of internationals is the visa process! As you may know, both Ron and David (and family) have been able to be in the UK with us because of visa sponsorship by OM (Operation Mobilisation). A little under a fortnight ago they were informed that OM had lost their visa sponsorship licence and, as a result, Ron and the Searights have had their UK visas revoked.

Here’s Dave and Erin writing:

“The news that our visas would be revoked (forcing a fourth move across the pond in six short years) still doesn’t quite seem real. Although difficult to accept, we can truly say that as a family we’re looking to Jesus which naturally leads to thanksgiving and joy… As of right now it appears that we’ll need to move to the US sometime in mid-to-late Dec. or the last day of Jan. (when our visas expire).”


We’re all, of course, sad and somewhat shocked by the news – especially as Erin is due with baby #4 in early December. We wanted to let you know of this news and ask you to pray – for Dave and the family as they look to God for help, comfort and wisdom, and also for Cor Deo. We’re hopeful that this is not the end of Dave’s involvement with Cor Deo but, as you can imagine, there needs to be some prayer and discussions about the future! So thank you for being with us, and for all your support.

PS We’ll still be holding a ‘Level 2’ Intensive in January (11th-15th) for anyone who has previously been to an Intensive week. And also we’re looking forward very much to the Women’s Program in February 2016! So please consider coming, and even inviting friends to come!

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