Update #50 – June 2014

“One week…”

That was my first thought this morning when I woke up. This is week 19 of the 20 week Cor Deo full-time program and it feels too soon to be finishing! We’ll send a fuller review and reflection of our time together soon but, for now, we’d like to ask you again to pray for us. Here are some prayer and praise points:

  • We thank God for new life – last week Jessica was born to Phil and Abi. Please pray for health and God’s blessing on the family.
  • Please pray too for the 2014 Team, most of whom don’t know what is next for them! Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in a time of uncertainty, and that He would help all of us live by faith and not fear.
  • Pray for the Cor Deo Mentors. It has been a busy season and we’re so grateful to God for them! Pray particularly for Peter and David (with Dave – 2013 Team) as they help lead Trinity Chippenham. We’re really glad Ron is back with us after a few weeks in the States. He had a good time and was encouraged with his visit.
  • We want to finish Cor Deo 2014 well – pray that all of us would walk closely with Jesus in these last days and beyond.

Coming soon

We would love you to consider coming to a Cor Deo Intensive. There are many during each year (keep an eye on the website for extra dates) but we want to particularly mention our next two:

August 11th – 15th: ‘Relational Faith.’ We will be studying John’s Gospel as well as history. A great opportunity for anyone that can’t come in term time.

September 8th – 12th: ‘Level 2.’ This is a special week for anyone who has been to a Cor Deo Intensive or Mini-Intensive. We will be building on ground covered in our ‘Relational Faith’ Intensive.

There are still a few places available on both of these… please email if you are interested!

Also can we ask you to pray for our 2015 Program? It seems a long way away but if you are interested in joining us, or you know someone who might be, check out our website and let us know.



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