Cor Deo exists to multiply believers “after God’s own heart.” Join us as we respond to God together and share His heart with others!

What does Cor Deo offer?

Cor Deo offers a variety of events and programmes.  The full-time training programme and ministry team lasts for half a year and is described in detail on the Full-Time Programme tab.  We also invite all to join us for:

Intensives – Join the mentors for a Monday to Friday intensive taste of Cor Deo training.  Ideal for those who cannot step out of work for half a year, but would love to study the Bible, theology, history, ministry, in a one-week Cor Deo package.  Sign up to our mailing list to find out more in 2016… or for more information about events click here.

Resources – In June of 2011 we ran Delighted by God: Heartfelt Christianity with guest speakers from UCCF (Mike Reeves) and Oakhill Theological College (Peter Sanlon) at All Souls, Langham Place.  In 2012 we were joined by evangelist, Glen Scrivener.  The Delighted by God audio files are available on the Resources page.  We are excited about resources we plan to share in the coming months . . . please sign up to receive Cor Deo updates so you hear as soon as they are available.

One-day seminars – One-day seminars, dates and venues to be confirmed.

More information on these events is available here.

Our Guiding Values

  1. Our calling is to participate in the glory of God’s triune love.
  2. We live in response to the revealing and redeeming work of the Son.
  3. We are captivated by God’s love, which the Holy Spirit pours out in our hearts.
  4. Our guiding resource is God’s Word, which sanctifies us in his truth.
  5. As God transforms us we share his heart with others, both near and far.
  6. We embrace the biblical priority of life to life ministry.
  7. We esteem and serve the Church, Christ’s beloved body.