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Both Ron and Peter blog elsewhere and link to articles on this site.  What we don’t tend to do is link to our other sites from here.  Just in case you are unaware of our other sites, here are ten recent posts that would be very much in keeping with the Cor Deo ethos:

1. Overqualified! Trinity, Mystery. – Peter looks at the tendency we have to overqualify references to the Trinity and so lose the very heart of biblical teaching.

2. Overqualified! Grace, But. – Peter looks at the tendency we have to overqualify God’s grace, thereby showing our distrust of it and sense of needing human involvement for Christianity to “work.”

3. Indulging Ourselves – Ron ponders self-indulgence with a snippet of Augustine versus Pelagius.

4. Thesaurus Needed – Peter reflects on a Cor Deo discussion in John 5.

5. God’s Voice – Ron discusses why and how we can hear God’s voice.


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