Update #46 – December 2013

We are coming to the end of a year of exciting growth and new beginnings. We hope you agree that 2013 has been a good year for Cor Deo – thank you for all your prayers! The Searights are looking forward to their first Chippenham Christmas and Mike is settling in well.

In November there were two new Intensives. The preachers’ Intensive was a fun time exploring gospel communication together and we were blessed to hear ‘model’ sermons from Peter and Huw Williams  – our souls were warmed and refreshed. The mini-Intensive focused on Luther’s Reformation and the group enjoyed studying Galatians together.

We are already looking forward to January as the Cor Deo year steps up a gear. Our Intensive is full and we’re excited about exploring John’s Gospel with a great group (we are hoping to hold another Intensive in late March – to find out more, send us an email. Then, of course, the full time program starts on the 21st of January. Please pray for the students, currently five of them, and the mentors.

There’s lots planned for 2014 – and lots that is unknown to us. But God is God and we rejoice! We value all your prayers and support and feel privileged to partner with you in serving the Lord as we seek to multiply ministry that shares His heart.

Happy Christmas!

The Cor Deo team

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