Update #37

Since our last update we had our first ever Cor Deo Invitational.  This was a two-day “top-up” for almost twenty folks who had previously been through the full-time or one-week course with us.  I was also over in Chicago earlier this month and was able to offer a one-day Cor Deo seminar there to a group of thirty from various churches. Both events were a blessing to be involved in (I say that a lot about Cor Deo ministry!)

It does feel like the weeks are slipping by and we’ll soon be resurrecting the Cor Deo room for another Intensive (5-9th November).  The course is full, so please pray for us to have a great time together.

Upcoming Courses – Speaking of courses, we have two more Intensives scheduled (14-18th January and 29th April – 3rd of May), please let me know if you’d like more information.  Also, the full-time team come together at the end of January and we have potentially one or two spaces left.  Please pass this on to any appropriate candidates and encourage them to get in touch.

Introducing David & Erin Searight – David and Erin, along with their three children, are currently raising support in order move across the ocean and join us at Cor Deo.  David will begin as a mentor-in-training, expanding our team of teacher-mentors.  David received his Masters of Divinity degree at Multnomah Seminary, and then got his Masters in historical theology at New College, Edinburgh.  We are very excited about David joining the leadership team at Cor Deo.  Please pray for David and Erin as they raise their support and prepare to move from Oregon to Chippenham.  Our desire is to see them here as soon as possible, but this is dependent on the Lord’s provision of their needed support.  If you would like to receive their family updates, or are interested in assisting them financially, please contact David at david@cordeo.org.uk

New Support Facility – On our partner page, we have been able to add a facility for giving to Cor Deo by credit or debit card.  This should work from any country.  Please do not send support for individuals by this means as we all receive our personal funding through other channels.  However, for supporting the ministry of Cor Deo, or helping us fund the Bible Teachers Network at the European Leadership Forum, this is a quick, easy and secure mechanism.

This has been a longer update than usual, so thank you for reading it all and for praying for us – we really appreciate every friend standing with us as we seek to multiply ministry that shares God’s heart.

Peter for the team

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