Update #3

I can’t believe it’s already four weeks since the last update!  In this one we’ll hear from Ron, and then I’ll list the things we are currently praying about.  Thanks for sharing this adventure!

From Ron

As the title for this endeavour, Cor Deo, underscores, our ambition is to know and follow “God’s heart” with those who will join us.  How will we achieve this goal?  The simple answer is that we, alone, will not make it happen.  Jesus, speaking of spiritual growth, said as much in John 15.5: “apart from me you can do nothing.”  So we are looking to God to achieve this bonding and growth even as we plan together, work together, and live out our own parts of the opportunity together.  In all that we do we are to rely on God from the “heart.”  This is where the Spirit pours out God’s love, first in us and then through us (see Romans 5.5).  As each of us responds to that love we will fulfill our goal.  Crucial to this is to have others praying with us and for us: that we would be fully dependent on him and properly interdependent on each other.  All readers are invited to play a role here. Will you pray for us?  Thank you!

Current Prayer Items

  • Praise God for every answered prayer in the last year, there have been so many!
  • Praise God for the latest Table Talk interview with Mike Reeves on TheologyNetwork.org and pray for this to be helpful in drawing people to Cor Deo.
  • Please pray for two very important meetings on the 17th and the 30th of this month.
  • Please pray for God to bring together the first group of participants.
  • Please pray for all the practical details to be worked out – arrangements for where we’ll meet, accommodation, launch budget, etc.
  • Please pray for both of us as we make progress on writing projects, as well as various speaking opportunities in the coming weeks.  (By the time we send another update, Ron will be on his travels in Estonia and I’ll have been to an Asian republic and back!)
  • Please pray for all who are following Cor Deo to pursue God’s heart each day!

Thank you for standing with us.  If you’re on Facebook, please connect on facebook.com/cordeo and help spread the word about Cor Deo.

For the team,


PS I would love to send a batch of flyers to you if you’re in the UK . . . for your church, for your contacts?  If I can do this, please let me know how many and an address!

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