Update #2

At the end of January, Ron and I spent a couple of days together making further plans.  I suppose that could be called a faculty meeting, or a committee meeting, but it felt like neither.  It was friendship and fellowship shared in the context of prayer and biblical discussion, resulting in a fruitful time of planning for Cor Deo!  Some of that fruit can be seen on the new Training Programme page.

Guiding Values

  1. We were also able to finalise the wording for Cor Deo’s guiding values:
  2. Our calling is to participate in the glory of God’s triune love.
  3. We live in response to the revealing and redeeming work of the Son.
  4. We are captivated by God’s love, which the Holy Spirit pours out in our hearts.
  5. Our guiding resource is God’s Word, which sanctifies us in his truth.
  6. As God transforms us we share his heart with others, both near and far.
  7. We embrace the biblical priority of life to life ministry.
  8. We esteem and serve the Church, Christ’s beloved body.

One Year To Go

We have one year until we hope to launch the first season of the training programme.  While the full-time commitment will begin in February, participants will begin the pre-reading from this September onwards.  Please join us in praying for the first group, even before we know who they are!

We really appreciate everyone who has requested flyers to pass on, who has forwarded the last update or pointed people to the website.  We are grateful to have friends standing with us and sharing in the adventure.  Please can we ask you to prayerfully consider who you know that might be interested in Cor Deo – either as a prayer partner, or as a potential participant?  We would be delighted to send you some flyers for your church, or for you to pass on personally – just let us know where to send them and how many!

How can we pray together?

  • Join us in praising the Lord for our fruitful discussions last month, and for the connections that have been made in recent weeks.
  • Please pray for the website to be seen by those that might connect with us in some way . . . and if you haven’t looked in the last few days, please take a look!
  • Ron is back in the US, and I’ll be in his area this weekend for a men’s retreat and a visit to our sending church.
  • Please pray for both of us, not only for the visible ministry, but also the less visible preparation, writing, administration, etc.

Thank you again for sharing in the adventure of launching Cor Deo.  We have a wonderful God and a privilege beyond words in responding to Him!

On behalf of the Cor Deo team,


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