Update #1

Welcome to the first official Cor Deo update! We thank you for your interest in Cor Deo and hope these updates will help you feel part of the ministry as we move toward launch and beyond. We will keep future updates as short as possible, but this first one is slightly longer we need to introduce Cor Deo and the people involved, as well as offering a few prayer requests …

Why Cor Deo?

Our desire is to multiply believers equipped for a biblical ministry that shares God’s heart. The idea is to combine the ministries of the Cor Deo mentors, and then offer a unique mentored study and ministry training programme to a limited number of participants each year.

Jesus demonstrated that marking fewer lives more deeply would multiply fruit in the long run. We want to follow that approach by offering mentored study, spiritual formation and ministry exposure in the context of a team setting.

God willing, the first Cor Deo team will come together in February 2011, having already begun their preparation with assigned reading and a couple of one-day conferences. The full-time programme will then continue until mid-July.

The team will study together Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, then share ministry experience during the long weekends. Ministry will include local churches, Christian Unions, conferences, seminars in the UK and overseas, etc.

Once the programme is complete, the relationships will continue as participants move on to further ministry in all spheres of life. The Cor Deo network will grow and hopefully biblical ministry that shares God’s heart will multiply!

Who is involved?

The mentors are Ron Frost and Peter Mead. Both Ron and Peter share a passion for the Bible, for ministry, and for the heart of God. After teaching in an evangelical Bible school for twenty years, Ron now works with Barnabas International as a pastoral care consultant. He has a PhD in historical theology from Kings College in London. Peter serves with Operation Mobilisation and is a trainer with Langham Preaching. He has a Doctor of Ministry degree in biblical preaching.

Peter and Ron are delighted to be joined in the project by Dr Michael Reeves, theological advisor to UCCF. While not mentoring in the programme, Michael is a key advisor and member of the initial board of trustees for Cor Deo.

What is happening now?

We are in the process of getting registered with the Charity Commission, applying to trusts for help with funding, and beginning to actively recruit the first team of participants. These are early days, but time will move quickly!

How can we pray together?

  • Please pray with us for Cor Deo’s registration with the Charity Commission and for positive responses to the funding applications that are being submitted.
  • Please pray for positive responses from those who hear about Cor Deo – potential participants, of course, but also the training institutions and churches that we hope to bless and esteem. (We were really encouraged by the positive response to Cor Deo’s plans from the principal of London School of Theology!)
  • Please pray for Ron and Peter as they share the Cor Deo vision and continue their ministry schedules in the coming weeks (in India, Germany, Poland, UK, USA) – that there will be deep heart-level connections with those for whom Cor Deo might be ideal.
  • Please pray for Ron and Peter as they meet on the 27th and 28th of January for more planning.

Practical request: If you know someone who might be a good candidate for Cor Deo, please introduce us or request a flyer to pass on to them!

Thank you for joining us on this adventure! We are excited, not only to launch Cor Deo, but especially to be responding together to a God who offers His heart so wonderfully!

On behalf of the Cor Deo team,


PS  The new Cor Deo website will soon be online and will gradually take shape as we iron out the wrinkles over the next few days.

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