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Wolfish Sheep

Paul’s heart-wrenching farewell speech to the Ephesian elders (Acts 20) had to have been a life-marking moment never to be forgotten. With tears in their eyes and lumps in their throats, they carefully listened to Paul’s pleas for them to be prepared for fierce wolves that would attempt to ravage their flock. I wonder what […]

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Never Lose This

Yesterday I was in conversation with a Polish church leader who vulnerably admitted something the rest of the group could relate to easily. “In the first years of my ministry I was extremely conscious of my dependence on God and aware of the need for God to work despite my weaknesses. However, as the years […]

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“And the Holy Spirit”

This week’s entry was originally written by Ron on his blog: Spreading Goodness. It’s so good we wanted to share it! ——————————————————– The Council of Nicaea in 325 worked hard to summarize a sound understanding of the Triune God in the face of Arian error. They explained how Jesus, the Son, exists in eternal relationship with the Father. […]

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We’re excited that this week’s post is from our good friend Huw Williams. Huw was part of Cor Deo in 2011 and is now pastoring the International Church of Torino, Italy, with his wife Alison and daughter Kitty. Check out his personal blog here. ——————————————– I’ve been blessed from reflecting on the early chapters of Acts […]

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Evangelising Me

The human problem is far greater and deeper than we’ve ever imagined.  Not only are we all guilty before God, but we are also dead-hearted toward God and we don’t have His Spirit uniting us with Christ or with each other.  This was not God’s design.  He made us to live in the freedom of […]

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