From the Sister Sites

Ron and Peter both blog elsewhere and a lot of that content could well be posted on here.  Just in case you missed it, here are a few links for you:

Ron just wrote about the Holy Spirit, who remains for many Christians, the difficult person of the Trinity to understand.

Another post from Ron related to our current thoughts in Galatians is this important one on Law, Love and Obedience.

Peter wrote about the tendency some have to be blind to the language of the heart in the Bible, in Overqualified! Heart, Head.

Peter shared about Luther, preaching and moralism versus Christianity.

Peter recently wrote a series of posts on the relational nature of preaching ministry, entitled the Preaching Triangle.  Here are the links: Intro, Omissions pt1, Omissions pt2, Relationships, Imago, God and Preacher, Preacher and Listener, Listener and God, God,  Other Gods, Nerves.

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