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newspapers2Just in case you missed them, let me highlight a few recent posts by Cor Deo mentors that are posted elsewhere . . .

Two Answers – Ron looks at sin and grace from the perspective of our last Cor Deo Invitational (with some Genesis, Romans and Luther thrown in!)

Preaching Myths and Non-Gospel Preaching – In a series addressing myths related to preaching, Peter tackles the issue of distinguishing gospel preaching from teaching for believers.

Faith in Focus – What kind of church would you choose?  Ron offers a modern parable to stir our thinking.

Preaching [Insert Word] Jesus – Here’s a brief Peter post on preaching and Jesus, food for thought?

Experiencing God – Fruit theft, sin and what it is to know God.  Ron on Augustine, Luther and the Gospel.

Static versus Dynamic Position Principle – A post to ponder on spiritual growth and leadership, from Peter.

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