Update #26 – Mini Update (October 2011)

At the end of September we held the first Cor Deo Intensive week here in Chippenham.  It was great to have Ron back in town, and we were joined by 18 eager participants from all over the UK (and one flying in from Italy!)  Together we delighted in the relational nature of our faith, enjoying highlights of John’s gospel every day, getting to meet  Augustine through his writings, pondering the possibilities of ministering to others one-to-one, and considering what it is to enjoy Bible reading and prayer as a relational experience.  We also ate wonderful lunches together and came together for a dessert evening and chat.  I’m sure I speak for the whole group when I say thank you for praying for us.  Ron and I will be getting our schedules in sync and figuring out when we can run another Intensive . . . watch this space.

Right now our main focus is on recruiting the team for 2012.  We still need three or four more participants to join us for 2012.  The course will run from the 28th of January to June.  We’ve been encouraged by a couple of the partcipants being able to get leave from work to join us for the season, meaning they have work to go back to at the end of the course, which is a blessing in these times.  Please pray for the right people to join us and complete the team.  We are looking for people with a real passion for God, His Word and serving Him.  Perhaps somebody comes to mind?  Please nudge them in our direction, or make the introductions by email.

If you are in the Bristol area, I will be running a morning version of the Wearing Sandals: The World of the New Testament class that we ran back in June.  For more information, please click here.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

For the team,


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