Update #28 – December 2011

This is our last update of 2011 and we want to wish you a delightful Christmas and New Year!  We are so thankful for your prayers and interest in the ministry of Cor Deo.  Our longing is for more people to be captivated by the love of a God so great that He was willing to become so small that first Christmas.  As we end the year, we want to share one news item and a few snapshot highlights of 2011.

Final Call! – The Cor Deo 2012 full-time programme begins five weeks from today.  While it is late in the day, it might be possible for another person to join us for the programme.  If you are considering it, or know of someone who might be interested, please get in touch quickly.  We are excited about the team God has brought together, but wouldn’t want to miss anyone that might be a fit for this next year.  Thank you for spreading the word.

Next time we will let you know about forthcoming events in 2012.  Intensive weeks, Delighted by God conferences, evening classes, etc.  But for now, let’s finish with a few snapshot highlights of 2011:

Alan, Jon and Mike, with Ron on a Sunday visit to Leeds.

Mark and Peter in Central Asia
(such a blessing to experience ministry together)

In June, the first Delighted by God event was held at All Souls, Langham Place.
(This picture was not staged!)


The “graduation” dinner at the end of the programme.
(This picture was not staged.  Well, sort of.)

We look back fondly on the weeks spent with Sam, Chris, Jon, Mike, Huw, Mark, Alan and Paul.  The days spent in God’s Word were so special, the evening classes in Chippenham were a blessing to be a part of, we have been very encouraged by the warm welcome from Ladyfield Church who hosted most of Cor Deo in 2011, and the encouraging feedback from evening classes, seminars and the Delighted by God conference.  It has been so encouraging to see Huw inducted as pastor of the church in Torino, Mark and Alan heading into church ministry in the UK, Paul heading off to serve in Africa in the New Year, Mike appointed to a staff role with UCCF in Brighton, Jon and Chris looking forward to their new employment arrangements to begin in 2012 as well as continuing with local church ministry, and Sam currently in Switzerland preparing for what comes next.

Now we are anxious to press on with the next year of Cor Deo. Thanks for standing with us in prayer!

For the team,


PS One more bonus picture, the first Cor Deo Intensive in September was a really special time too:

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