Update #27 – November 2011

Tomorrow, Saturday, is our final Cor Deo event of 2011.  If you are within reach of Bristol, we would love to see you.  Here’s the info:

It has been quite a first year for Cor Deo and we are really thankful to those who have prayed with us and for us.  Maybe next month we’ll look back on the highlights of the year, but for now we are looking forward to 2012.  Please pray with us for the Lord to complete the team as He wants it.  From our perspective we have a couple of spaces left, but maybe He wants it to be a smaller team for 2012.  Please pray with us as we sort out venues for two Delighted by God conferences and a venue for a third Intensive (the other two will be in Chippenham, but the third is not even in England… ask if you want to know where we’re thinking).

Please pray for the 2011 team members as they serve in churches, prepare for the mission field, and apply for employment in strategic opportunities. Please pray for Ron as he continues to serve the Lord in various opportunities, currently back in the US.  Please pray for me as I launch into a busy few weeks of preaching locally here in Chippenham.  Please pray for the trustees as we meet via Skype soon.

But before all of that, we have tomorrow, in Bristol, and it would be great to see you if you can join me!

For the team,


PS I might be wrong to presume you know about the Cor Deo blog.  Just in case, if you click here you will find the archive of weekly posts that Ron and I offer on various subjects.  In the last few weeks we’ve looked at what makes people religious, the dangerous orientation of much of Christianity, what it is to be truly saved and whether we should bring back Ba’al for the sake of evangelism.  Please take a look around the blog if you haven’t been there in a while, and we always appreciate comments on the site!

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