Update #22 – Mini-Update (June 2011)

We have had a very busy few weeks as a team and are coming into the home stretch for this season of Cor Deo.  Several team members have been having interviews as they look for what comes next.  Please pray for all eight of the team to be able to go on to employment and/or ministry that will be a good fit for them.  We will let you know more about where they head in future updates.

At the start of the month we had our first day conference, Delighted by God (click here for the audio of the sessions).  This past week Ron and Peter have both spoken at two of the three UCCF Summer School gatherings on pneumatology and handling Old Testament narrative.  Then on Tuesday the whole team (minus Ron), were able to join the southern UCCF teams for the day as Peter led through the book of Hebrews.  It was great to fellowship together with the staff and Relay workers.  Please pray for UCCF and their strategic ministry on the campuses of our universities.

Ron is over in the States for a conference this weekend, then he returns in the middle of next week.  We only have three weeks left of this season, which is both exciting and sad at the same time.

Saturday Seminar – Reading God’s Heart. Next Saturday, in Chippenham, join the team for a seminar to motivate your personal Bible reading.  What does it mean to read the Bible relationally?  Can we really grow closer to God through reading His Word?  The seminar will run from 10-12:30, with the option of staying on for lunch and Q&A (bring your own lunch, drinks provided).

Cor Deo Intensive – A Relational Faith. 26-30th of September, in Chippenham.  Join Peter and Ron for a five-day intensive exposure to Cor Deo.  We’ll be looking at “A Relational Faith” with a combination of studies in the Bible, history, applied ministry, and spiritual formation.  Accommodation options will be offered.  This course is open to all, but if you are wanting to join us, please contact us to book your place.  (More information is available here.)

We continue to pray for the 2012 team to come together in God’s timing.  Thanks so much for praying for us and with us in these weeks.

For the team,


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