Update #21 – Mini-Update (May 2010)

On Friday evening several Cor Deo team members were joined by a group from Ladyfield Church to spend several hours on the streets of Chippenham. The agenda was basically to look to God to lead us into opportunities to share His love with people. By 2am we all returned home thankful for the opportunities God had given us. Personally, I think back on my conversations with two young party-ers followed by two security guards.  Both conversations included the opportunity to share about the loving God who has so gripped our lives. Back at the church we had a team of friends praying for us (prompted by text messages from the teams out on the streets). It was a very encouraging evening, one that should be repeated!

As I write this, Ron is in Brussels, with Mike and Paul, getting a taste of a ministry to Middle Eastern believers in the city. This evening, I get to finish off a series of messages at a small church nearby (following messages from Alan and Chris). Then on Tuesday we all gather together again as a team for another week of study (Acts, Evangelism, John 20-21, Malachi, Richard Sibbes, etc.) Anyway, three things for your prayers:

This Wednesday . . . Evening Class – Please pray for us on Wednesday evening (or join us if you’re local), as we dive into a three session class on New Testament backgrounds. Being able to understand what is going on in the Gospels and Acts is so important as we look to enjoy the richness of relationship with the God who revealed Himself fully in Christ. For more information, click here. (By the way, audio and notes from the Habakkuk class are now available on the Resources page of the site.)

This Saturday . . . Delighted by God – Our first day conference is this coming Saturday.  Are you able to join us?  Our theme is Heartfelt Christianity and we are really looking forward to having Mike Reeves of UCCF and Peter Sanlon from Oakhill with us for the day. Please help to spread the word about this event and join us if you can, it would be great to see you there!  (Click here for more info, or search on Heartfelt Christianity on Facebook.)

Next Year . . . ? We are thoroughly enjoying this year and hoping the next six weeks won’t slip by too quickly. At the same time, we are looking forward to next year and wondering who will be part of the team next time around.  If you know of someone who might be a good fit, please nudge them in our direction.

Thanks for praying for these ministries.  It made a huge difference on Friday knowing we had people back at base praying for us.  It makes a real difference for us too.  Thank you.

For the team, Peter.

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