Update #20 – Mini-Update (May 2011)

This week the team regathered from South America, North America, Central Asia, South East Asia, Europe and the UK.  All reports of the Easter break seem to be positive and it is great to be back together again.  Now we are officially half-way through the Cor Deo season!

The team are refocusing their energies on their mentored personal studies, as well as all the other study and ministry that is going on.  Just for your interest, the subjects for these mentored personal studies include the Trinity and marriage; preaching that touches the heart; biblical mentoring; church ministry that reaches young adults; predestination in the Bible; the influence of the audience on Paul’s sermons in Acts; mysticism; and marriage in Ephesians 5.

This weekend Ron is in Lucerne, Switzerland, preaching at an international church, Peter is going with Sam to Carlisle to preach in a church there, Huw is preaching in Wales.

The next weeks are busy, but we would especially value prayer for our London Delighted by God conference on the 4th of June.  This year’s subject is Heartfelt Christianity and we are really looking forward to having Mike Reeves of UCCF and Peter Sanlon from Oakhill with us for the day.  Please help to spread the word about this event and join us if you can, it would be great to see you there.  (Click here for more info, or search on Heartfelt Christianity on Facebook.)

We really value your partnership through prayer!

Peter for the team

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