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Where Should We Start?

Everything starts with God.  But who is he?  What is God like? Dionysius, the self-professed convert of Paul, has helped shape one point of view. The true Dionysius, noted in Acts 17:34, isn’t known to us beyond his cameo Bible reference.  But a much later figure who borrowed the name and identity of Dionysius is […]

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And the Opposite of Hope Is…?

For all its complexity, the Bible has a habit of presenting things along pairs of trajectories.  Characters in the Bible, like us, are either acting in faith or in fear; out of love or hate; and hope, or, well, hopelessness.  So what is the opposite of hope?  I was struck by this comment in A […]

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Covenants Familiar and Forsaken

It’s a great feeling to be able to enjoy something new.  A new house, a new computer, or even a new friendship.  Even if it is isn’t new, but is new to you, it can be a real blessing.  I’m enjoying the blessing of all three right now.  But I know that the new and […]

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