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Living Truth

The Bible is an epic story: a true and transcendent portrayal of reality. It invites us to live in light of God’s purposes and in line with his truth. In this story God—the Father, Son, and Spirit God—is the protagonist. And the Son’s captivating qualities set the scene: to know him is to love him. […]

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Satan Hates the Holy Spirit

I think this might just be a blind spot in contemporary theology.  We know that Satan hates God and marriage and evangelism and even church planting.  But I have never heard anyone reference his hatred for the Holy Spirit. As I ponder this idea I see more and more evidence to support the statement used […]

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A couple of nights ago my three-year-old son came downstairs and in his best superhero voice said (just imagine his fists on his hips and chest pushed out), “I’m the strongman, I can do nothing!” With big smiles on our faces, we tried to correct him, “Don’t you mean anything?” He replied, “No, I can do nothing!” We’ve […]

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