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A Clear Connection

A lively conversation will often display a tension—either a disagreement or a misunderstanding. Maybe even a willful opposition. Yet if the speakers share mutual love, trust, and common values the exchange is likely to be productive. It may even be a pleasant process. But we’re less optimistic if the participants don’t like each other and […]

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Conversing with God

A Friday morning chat with Terry about conversations, and then reading Pete Sanlon’s book on Augustine—including a feature on Augustine’s conversations with God—set me up for this post. It’s a topic worth revisiting on a regular basis even apart from these reminders. Conversations are the threads that make up the fabric of life and our […]

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How do you Pray for Fellow Believers?

This post was originally written by Peter for Biblical Preaching. We hope you visit it and enjoy. —————– There is a strange phenomena in the church when it comes to praying for people.  Obviously this is a generalisation, but I have observed it enough to suggest that it may be a pattern. When people become […]

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Why is Prayer Weird?

Prayer can often be strangely alien. If you think about it, prayer in our churches can be quite otherworldly. Prayer often seems to be inexplicably a-relational and bizarrely formulaic, which conflicts with the reality presented in the Bible. In God’s story we find that prayer has depth, ceaseless frequency, and a naturalness many of us […]

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Pattern for Personal Prayer

You have a chunk of time and decide to pray.  Now what?  Perhaps a pattern would be helpful?  Now some might object that this would squelch the reality of a true relationship.  Then again, when Jesus was asked how to pray, he responded with a pattern. As a young believer I was taught the A.C.T.S. […]

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