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Do Not Forget!

The holidays for me, like many of you I’m sure, are a mixed bag.  Christmas is not only a wonderful season of thinking about the gift of God in the flesh.  It is also a time of tasty traditional foods, gift-giving, great fun with family and friends, and happy memories of previous holidays with those dear to […]

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I noticed something in Job I hadn’t seen before.  Job’s erstwhile friends all used an “if . . . then” approach to confront Job over his presumed sins.  The point was simple: If you change your behaviors, Job, God will reward you.  If not, then God will punish you.  Very clear and very confrontive. This […]

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Experiencing God

The stir for this entry comes from Martin Luther.  What caught my attention is a revisit to Tuomo Mannermaa’s intriguing work, Christ Present in Faith: Luther’s View of Justification (Fortress, 2005).  Luther, according to Mannermaa, held that a believer’s experience of Christ in saving union is crucial to faith. The reason for mentioning this is […]

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