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I noticed something in Job I hadn’t seen before.  Job’s erstwhile friends all used an “if . . . then” approach to confront Job over his presumed sins.  The point was simple: If you change your behaviors, Job, God will reward you.  If not, then God will punish you.  Very clear and very confrontive. This […]

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Red or Blue?

Every Christian I know would affirm that the Bible is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword.  Strangely, many seem to think it is as cold as one too.  How often the Bible is treated as a cold set of sharp propositions, a repository of truth statements that are precise and sharp, but cold […]

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And the Opposite of Hope Is…?

For all its complexity, the Bible has a habit of presenting things along pairs of trajectories.  Characters in the Bible, like us, are either acting in faith or in fear; out of love or hate; and hope, or, well, hopelessness.  So what is the opposite of hope?  I was struck by this comment in A […]

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