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A Burdenless Holiness

When I have the opportunity to talk about holiness I find myself using the language of delight, love, joy, and freedom.  Inevitably this will rub someone the wrong way and they will ask a good question, “How can you say we have freedom to live how we want when we are given clear imperatives that […]

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What do you think?

A feisty debate stirred the New England churches in 1636.  The question at stake was the nature of faith—what is it that makes a Christian? In an early exchange of letters between two of the pastors, Peter Bulkeley asked John Cotton whether he would agree that there must be “the work of faith in us […]

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Luther’s Discoveries

For the past couple weeks I’ve spent time with a good friend, Martin Luther.  It’s been a rich and fruitful time! I would encourage anyone to do the same.  As I was rereading Luther’s Lectures on Galatians (1535) and Heiko Oberman’s biography Luther: Man between God and the Devil (A must read!), I was struck […]

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