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We haven’t done one of these for a while – Cor Deo type content from other sites:

Ron keeps producing good stuff on SpreadingGoodness – here’s one on healing, for a starter.

Is it possible to go beyond just preaching guilt at people?  Peter (and parts two, three, and four) .

Eavesdropping a conversation about Jesus and the Gospel, again from Ron.

Peter writing about how some preaching turns any text into a duty text.

A triple from Italy (Huw CD 2011) – The importance of authenticity for this generation, the Titanic impact of God’s love, and speaking of journey’s, how about Naomi’s?

A thought from Spurgeon – here.

The New Covenant has been fresh in our thinking lately, here’s a series Peter is developing on the subject – part 1, part 2 on sin, part 3 on the heart, and part 4 on fellowship with God.

We’ll add some more next week . . .

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