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Here are a few more links you might appreciate:

A lot of Cor Deo time is spent in the Bible, and here are two posts from Peter on the biblical geography and history, as well as one on the Psalms, and one on the Prophets.

Ron writes of relationships and, of course, brings us to the invitation God makes in Christ.

Peter on the Great Commandment and Preaching, and here he offers six points on explaining the Bible to impact the heart (part 2 here).  Actually, here’s a post like this one – a load of links to heart focused posts on Peter’s blog.

Peter develops an overview of the preaching process with an emphasis on the prayerfulness needed for deep impact preaching – part 1 is the study, part 2 is the closet, part 3 is the Starbucks, and part 4 is the pulpit.

The last laugh is divine. (Ron)


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