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Chalmers’ Sermon

(The Cor Deo blog is going live, and we want to make sure there is some content ready to interact with already on the site . . . here is a post from earlier this year on . . .) What is the role of the heart in directing our conduct?  This question invites ongoing reflection. […]

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The Importance of Mentoring

As we continue to place some content on the Cor Deo blog in anticipation of going live, here’s a brief post on a subject close to our hearts . . . I’ve written before on the critical subject of mentoring – such as here and here.  It’s easy in ministry to be too busy to invest […]

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Don’t De-Affect the Text

Last year I wrote a post on entitled “Preaching is a matter of life and death.”  In the good discussion that followed I made this comment – “God has communicated in His Word (and calls us to preach that Word), in such a way as to move the heart/affections, as well as informing the mind, […]

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Who is God?

Who is God? And what is he like? A primary answer to this question is that God exists in communion. That is, the bedrock reality of God is his triune existence: he is One who exists eternally as the Father, Son, and Spirit. The Father is distinctly and only the Father; the Son is distinctly […]

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Going Deeper Than Instruction

(This week we will be posting several articles as the Cor Deo blog goes live . . . next week we will start our regular pattern of a weekly conversation . . . ) In a lot of preaching situations it is easier to simply present the text and press home the imperatives.  Whether or […]

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New Cor Deo Site

The Cor Deo site has had a slight face-lift and is now more interactive. You can leave comments on our News and Blog posts and also interact with us on Facebook & Twitter!

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