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God in Skin

This post was originally written for ‘extratime‘ part of the Evangelical Movement of Wales’ Aberystwyth Conference.  ————————————— “You don’t need to be alone… It’s real love.“ So says John Lewis / Tom Odell / John Lennon! I’m certain that this is the love we all want. The love that we all spend our lives, time and money trying […]

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Update #53 – November 2014

Please Pray… November is upon us and we’d love you to pray for us this week. Today is the start of a new adventure for Cor Deo – the first day of “Cor Deo Plus!” One of our visions for Cor Deo is to help graduates from the full-time programme, plus some who are only able […]

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Update #52 – September 2014

We recently held our first ever ‘Level 2’ Intensive (aka ‘Intensifier’!) Our hope was to offer a week for people who have already attended a Cor Deo Intensive. It was a very enjoyable week together – we heard our loving and humble God speak to us from the Psalms and dug deeply into early church history. On the […]

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Update #51 – July 2014

Dear all, Please pray for the 2014 team as they adjust and pursue next steps – we know God will continue to bless others through each of them! Summer Intensives (UK) From the 11th-15th of August, we will be hosting an Intensive here in Chippenham. There are still a few spaces available if you are […]

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Update #49 – April 2014

  One of the things I love about Cor Deo is the constant talk of ‘we’ and ‘us.’ Cor Deo is not a singular, independent Force or Source of truth. We are an inviting and spreading community who want to walk step by step with Jesus. Fellowship is at the centre of who we are and […]

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Update #48 – March 2014

Even though it’s not technically spring here in the UK yet, at Cor Deo we’re big fans! Besides the increased warmth and sunlight, spring is the season of new life and hope. As we see daffodils and blue skies we can’t help but praise our good God for the life and light we have in His Son Jesus. […]

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