Update #52 – September 2014

We recently held our first ever ‘Level 2’ Intensive (aka ‘Intensifier’!) Our hope was to offer a week for people who have already attended a Cor Deo Intensive. It was a very enjoyable week together – we heard our loving and humble God speak to us from the Psalms and dug deeply into early church history. On the final morning we ‘storied’ the whole Bible, from eternity past to future! Keep an eye out for more opportunities in the coming months.

Thank you for praying for the ministry of Cor Deo.

These seem to be quieter months, but there is plenty happening! Ron, Peter and David will be in the USA for another Intensive in the middle of October. Meanwhile, Mike is continuing to ‘administrate’ with plenty of projects on the horizon.

We each have individual prayer updates, so do get in touch if you want to know more specifically what we’re doing. But here’s a quick flavour for your prayers:
Peter’s book (www.trinitytheology.net for more info) is selling well and he is busy preparing for teaching and training events at WEST and ELF.
David and the family will be in the States for 6 weeks – visiting family, friends and supporters.
Ron is back home in the States, hoping to write and make lots of relational connections.
Mike is helping Loughborough Uni CU with their mission events this year. He’ll be speaking at the CU weekend away (mid November), Christmas Carol concert and mission week (February).

Please pray for the full-time team 2015 – We still have spaces left for the full-time programme in 2015.  It will run from the January to June.  If you know anyone who might be a fit, please nudge them in our direction soon.  This is the time of year when friendly nudges have led many into Cor Deo.  We have been so thankful for the men God has combined in the first four years of Cor Deo and are excited to see what He has in store for 2015!

Pray too for Trinity Chippenham – Peter and David are on the Leadership Team of the church. We want to be a church family that is transformed by the love of the Trinity as we share our lives with each other in Chippenham. The church’s website will be ‘live’ very soon: www.trinitychippenham.org

Intensive – A Relational Faith, 5-9th January 2015. We have a normal Intensive coming up in January 2015, please email for more information.

Enjoying our good God together,

Mike for the team

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