Update #9

Again, thank you for praying for Cor Deo as we move closer to launch!  Just a brief update this time:

Cor Deo Orientation – We just had our first orientation.  This was a time when members of the 2011 group came together for fellowship, prayer and to discover the reading that will help us to hit the ground running come next February.  It was a great time together and I only wish we could fast forward and begin the programme sooner!  One of the distinctive emphases of Cor Deo is our desire to be saturated in Scripture, perhaps you’d like to join us and dive back into the Bible again?

Is it too late to join for 2011? Since we’ve had the orientation, does that mean it is too late to join?  Not at all.  If you, or someone you know, would like more information about joining the programme in 2011, there are still spaces available.  Please get in touch with us and prayerfully push the door!  Ideally we are looking for another three or four participants for 2011.

Discover Cor Deo – Chippenham. Here’s a date for your diary.  We are having another Discover Cor Deo event, this time in Chippenham, on Saturday the 4th of December.  If you’d like to find out more about the programme, get a taster of the kind of study and ministry we will be sharing, and enjoy a great time of fellowship, please let us know you would like to join us.  Times and location will be confirmed soon, watch this space!

That’s all for now, but we would value prayer over the next few weeks.  We’ll both be preaching in our home churches.  I will also be teaching in Germany, Malta and Sri Lanka.  Ron will be teaching at Ecola Bible School, on the Oregon coast and in China too!

For the team,


PS Here’s a recent picture of us outside the church that will host Cor Deo:

Peter & Ron, Chippenham

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