Update #8

In this update we will share the latest progress, hear from Ron about his wider ministry and finish with an encouraging new endorsement of Cor Deo!

Cor Deo Latest – All systems go, actively recruiting . . . the board had a meeting earlier this month.  During this meeting we officially welcomed Jeremy Roberts onto the board (welcome Jeremy, so great to have you with us!)  It was a great meeting and the bottom line is that all aspects of Cor Deo are progressing well and we are very actively recruiting further participants for the 2011 team.  Please encourage any possible participants to get in contact and consider joining the group that is already forming!


From Ron – What do I do when Cor Deo isn’t in session?  Let me share three snapshots of my other ministry involvements, all opportunities to see God’s grace at work!

(1) Mission – I’m on staff with Barnabas International, a mission committed to traveling worldwide in order to listen to, care for, and support those in ministry.  I do whatever I can to support their ministries. This vision also stands behind the life-to-life ministry of Cor Deo as Peter and I take what we’ve received from others—and what we wish had been available to us when we were younger!—and seek to extend the love of Christ to and through others.  When I’m not in the UK or the US I’m visiting other settings: going to India each year for pastors’ conferences; to Africa to shepherd the launch of a Bible college; and to locations in Asia and Europe to teach and encourage.

(2) Church – When I’m in the US I serve as one of the teaching pastors at Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring, Oregon.  This is a new opportunity for me and allows me to speak often of God’s love in the same terms we’re offering to Cor Deo participants.  A special joy at Good Shepherd is my partnership with one of the newest church elders, Chris, a man I noted in a 1987 article on Bible reading.  He was then a young college student (see the story on SpreadingGoodness.org) and now is a mid-career business leader who continues to be devoted to the Scriptures and to others.

(3) Teaching and Writing – I continue to teach at both college and graduate level from time to time.  This coming January, for instance, I’ll teach a course in Reformation and Post-Reformation theology at Multnomah Seminary in Portland.  Other teaching opportunities abound, for example at Good Shepherd this month I was one of four teachers examining how God’s wrath relates to God’s love.  Along with that I’m involved in a set of writing projects including a substantial revision and expansion of an earlier book, Discover the Power of the Bible.


New Endorsement – In recent years Dr Joe Stowell has been a popular speaker at the Keswick Convention.  He used to be president of the Moody Bible Institute, and is now president of Cornerstone University in the US.  He has written many books, including Following Christ.  We were very encouraged to receive this encouraging endorsement from Joe:

“If the church is to move forward in culturally relevant ways, then it is vital that the next generation of church leaders is trained to handle God’s Word effectively, to love the Lord personally and to model His will and His ways in the exercise of their ministry. Cor Deo is a great step forward toward this kind of Christo-centric ministry training. I’m delighted to recommend it with enthusiasm!”

Thank you so much for praying for us as we move forward with Cor Deo.  These are exciting days, yet we are very much dependent on the Lord in all aspects of this ministry project!

With our gratitude for your prayers,

Peter & Ron

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