Update #7

As the weeks tick by we are encouraged by many answers to prayer.  Sometimes these are tiny indications of God’s care for the project, and sometimes big blessings as we move toward launch.  People, funding, connections, encouragements.  It really is a delight to be a part of this developing story – thank you for being a part of it too.

Since it seems to be all action at the moment, here are some action-updates:

Discovering – Discover Cor Deo was a special time.  We were joined by nine folks wanting to find out more.  We enjoyed rich discussions, a memorable meal in an Italian restaurant (since Cor Deo’s first team ministry opportunity, will probably be a missions conference in Italy next February), and once the day ended, many of us continued to enjoy conversation in the London sun.

Conversing – The new Cor Deo blog is now live. We take turns posting at the start of the week and then enjoy the interaction as the week progresses.  Please take a look, and please add a comment (profound or simple, they all help!)  

Networking – Yesterday I (Peter) enjoyed meeting the new national training director of a UK-wide church movement.  We had a great time together and I hope we can be of help to each other in the coming years.  Our goal with Cor Deo is to be a blessing to the churches and training ministries across the country. 

Recruiting – We are continuing to pray for God to bring together the first Cor Deo team for 2011.  Please help us spread the word and encourage anyone you think might be well suited to the programme.

Moving – Peter and family are moving to Chippenham on the 2nd of August.  This is a big move and we value your prayers.

Organising – Once we are in Chippenham we can start to think more specifically about some of the practical matters that need organising: accommodation for Ron, for participants, finding a vehicle for Cor Deo use, collecting the Cor Deo library, figuring out the study space, etc.   Please pray for all this to come together.

Ministering – It’s not all about preparation.  That is happening in the gaps around other ministry involvements.  Ron is currently in the US for a few weeks.  Peter is off to help lead and teach K2 (young adults) at Keswick, then next month will take the family to a conference for missionaries in France, followed by the OM new recruits’ conference in Holland.  All prayer appreciated!

So that is where we are at.  Next time we’ll get an update on progress in Chippenham, and hear news of Ron’s ministry developments too. Thanks for praying!

For the team,


PS To answer the question of how donations can be made to support the ministry of Cor Deo:

Support from the UK can be given via Stewardship – click here for form.
Support from the US – please contact us for information as we are in the process of establishing a tax efficient way to give to Cor Deo.

(The mentors do not receive a salary from Cor Deo, for information on how to give to their personal support, please ask specifically.)

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