Update #35 – July 2012`

Last week we enjoyed another Cor Deo Intensive.  This time we weren’t in Chippenham, but in Portland, Oregon.  We were joined by 14 participants and enjoyed a great week together.  Yet again our sense is that Intensives are so worth investing time in!

We enjoyed studying highlights from John’s gospel, a look at the Reformation in its context historically, and pondering the implications of the affective nature of biblical Christianity on our evangelism, church ministries and personal spirituality.  The group included several past and present Bible read through partners of Ron, which was encouraging for all.
The next thing on the Cor Deo calendar is an Invitational in September.  This is a two-day gathering for folks who have been through an Intensive or the full time programme.  We are looking forward to reconnecting with folks, but the trip to Chippenham might be a bit too much for the Portland friends!
At the same time we are looking forward to next year’s full-time programme.  Please would you pray with us for the right people to be brought together for the team?  If you know anyone who might be a fit, please nudge them in our direction.  We were so blessed to be part of this year’s team, but know it is not a small commitment for participants.  We want to see the Lord bringing together the right people.
One other prayer request.  Although it is almost a year away, we are working behind the scenes in preparation for next year’s European Leadership Forum.  Please join us as we pray for partner churches to help make the Bible Teacher’s Network happen.
We are so thankful for the fabric of connections and relationships.  Our God weaves together a rich tapestry of intersecting lives, and in Cor Deo we know that that is neither an accident, nor just a pragmatic means to an end, it is a rich taste of the grace of God in action.  Thank you for standing with us in prayer.
Gripped by a gloriously self giving God,
For the team,


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