Update #33 – May 2012

It has been a very busy month!  We had a great time at the Delighted by God events in London and Bristol.  The audio of all the talks is available on the Cor Deo site – just click here.  In between we had a special week as the full-time team were joined for a week by a full quota of “Intensive” participants.  Together we enjoyed Galatians, Reformation history and wrestling with the implications of the glorious gospel for our evangelism, church ministry and personal lives.  In all of this we have been so encouraged by the hunger for God’s Word (and it must be said that the Intensive satisfied another hunger every lunch time with wonderful meals together!)

Tomorrow a group of us are off to Hungary for the week.  Ron and Peter are both speaking at the European Leadership Forum – a gathering of hundreds of leaders from around Europe.  We are taking Andy and Jon D with us too, who will be making the most of the opportunity to participate in the Apologetics Network at the conference.  We would value your prayers for this week.  Peter and Ron will be busy with teaching and mentoring meetings.  Also, we have some important conversations in anticipation of Cor Deo taking over the running of the Advanced Bible Teacher’s Network next year.  Please pray for the ministry to go well this year, and for things to be well set up for the greater role Cor Deo will be serving in next time around.

Once we return we are into our final four weeks of Cor Deo 2012.  Please pray for us all to finish well, for the guys as they transition back into “normal life” and for next year’s team to come together in God’s providence.

For the team,


PS Are you in the USA?  We will be running the Intensive “A Relational Faith” in Portland, OR, between July 23-27.  There are still a couple of spaces available, please get in touch – info@cordeo.org.uk and spread the word if you can – here’s the facebook event page.

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