Update #15 – Mini-Update (Feb 2011)

The first week of Cor Deo has flown by.  We are so encouraged!  God has brought together a fantastic team for this first season of Cor Deo.  Ron arrived on Monday, then three full days of studying together, a welcome pizza feast at the Mead’s house, and before we knew it, the week was finished.

This weekend Ron and I will be laying low and preparing for forthcoming ministry (including a conference in Italy a week from now for Peter, Sam and Huw).  But there is plenty of Cor Deo ministry activity to be praying for this weekend.  Please pray for Mike and Chris as they participate in the Bath University CU mission, for Jonathan as he leads a social activity for a new group he’s started this Saturday, for Huw as he speaks on prayer to a CU weekend away in Wales.  Thank you for your prayers!

For the team,


Coming soon – Our Spring Evening Class begins on the 23rd of March at 8pm.  If you are within reach of Chippenham, please join us as we study Habakkuk together for four consecutive Wednesday evenings.  Please pre-register by emailing info@cordeo.org.uk (There is no charge for participating in the class.)

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