Update #13 – January 2011

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Happy New Year from all involved in Cor Deo!  I know this update is probably a week or two earlier than normal, but we wanted to let you know the really encouraging news as soon as possible . . .

The Visa is Granted!

We have been researching and getting advice and arranging for sponsorship and praying in earnest since last summer.  Yesterday Ron received his passport back from the UK authorities with the visa in it!  This is a major answer to prayer, and if you have prayed for this, thank you.  We are also very encouraged that the visa is valid until March of 2014, which means we have a good three seasons of Cor Deo before we need to apply for another visa or put another plan into effect.

The Launch is Approaching

Five weeks from today the programme will have started.  So these weeks will be full of putting together final practical details, making sure all the preparations are in place for the syllabus, and so on.  For the participants it means making plans to move to Chippenham for four of the seven joining us this year.  It is no small thing to commit to a programme like Cor Deo, so I know they would all value your prayers.  Chris is coming from overseas to help Ron and I via a volunteer internship arrangement.  I know Chris would be thankful if you would pray for his visa to come through quickly too!

We are excited to be at this stage and really value your prayer, not just for Cor Deo, but for the goal of Cor Deo – a multiplication of biblical ministry that shares God’s heart in the church and the world.


Peter for the team

PS As well as our weekly posts on the Cor Deo blog (see this week’s post by Ron if you want to know more about Solomon’s heart attack!), we just put our second podcast online.  In it, Ron and I discuss Bible reading, which we hope will be encouraging.  Please click here to go to the pod-player.

Praise and Prayer Points

Thank you so much for standing with us!

  • Join us in praising God for Ron’s visa – the good length of validity, as well as how quickly it came through (they informed us not to expect it before mid-February!)
  • Please pray for Chris’s visa application to be successful.
  • Please pray for the team members as they prepare to begin Cor Deo, arrange accommodation, raise the support they will need, etc.
  • More details to follow soon on our London conference – Saturday the 4th of June, as well as the first one-week Cor Deo intensive this autumn . . . maybe you will join us for that?
  • Please pray for Peter as he deals with details “on the ground” – setting up the study room, purchasing necessary items, helping with accommodation, etc.

Please pray for the forthcoming ministry of the Cor Deo team this year, and as they go on into various ministries in the years to come!

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