Update #12

Almost two years ago Cor Deo didn’t have a name yet, it was just a concept.  Less than two months from now we should be in full swing with the first cohort of participants.  We praise God for the answers to prayer over these months.

In this update I’d like to look back and forward with a sweeping view (and then prayer requests will fill in some of the intervening bits).

Looking Back
Ron was approached, only to discover that he had been thinking along the same lines and was already wanting to do something very similar.  We prayerfully pursued this project together.  Cor Deo name chosen.  Mike Reeves joined us as a trustee and advisor.  Cor Deo registered as a charity. Endorsements received.  Jeremy Roberts joined the board.  Online at www.cordeo.org.uk and potential participants showing interest.  Venue offered.  Some funding provided.  Discover Cor Deo event in London.  I moved my family to Chippenham, in part for Cor Deo.  Participants signed up.  Practical details falling into place.  Another good Discover Cor Deo in the snow and ice of Chippenham.  We thank God for every detail (many not included here).

Looking Forward Beyond Launch
We eagerly anticipate the growing fellowship within the team.  Stretching but invigorating study together.  Spiritual formation as we stand together.  Ministry in the UK and overseas.  Italy, Holland, Poland, central Asia, more.  Churches, conferences, retreats, seminars, evangelism, Christian unions.  Evening class with others joining us.  Other training events later in the year.  Praying with participants as they head on to further studies, or into ministry settings.  Visiting participants with future cohorts.  A multiplication of ministry that shares God’s heart:  Biblical ministry, relational ministry, church-based ministry, “parachurch” ministry, missions ministry, workplace ministry, counseling ministry, servant leadership ministry, family ministry.

We have a lot to be thankful for as we look back and as we look forward.  And thank you for praying with us in the present.
Here are our current prayer requests. Thank you so much for standing with us!

  • Ron’s visa application to be successful (and for the response to not be delayed)
  • Practical details to come together in the next weeks (accommodation, furniture, study room, library, etc.)
  • For the plans to come together for a one-day conference in London next June, as well as a one-week course later in the year (watch this space!)
  • For the goal to be achieved – that we might play a small role in multiplying biblical & relational ministry that shares God’s heart with the church and the world.

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!
Peter for the team

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